Areti Bank representatives attend the “Puerto Rico Financial Services Forum”

Puerto Rico, October 2023

On October 23rd and 24th, Areti Bank leaders attended the most important Financial Services and Insurance Forum in Puerto Rico, to keep abreast of the latest regulations and strategic approaches to banking on the island and internationally.

In this 2023 edition, the forum brought together top leaders and members of the banking industry, as well as government officials to share ideas and thoughts on laws, compliance issues, Artificial Intelligence, AML and cybersecurity.

Two days were used by more than 50 experts to address topics such as financial crime, transnational crime, emerging trends in money laundering, international sanctions, Fintech and the future of banking, as well as the challenges with best practices in investigations and suspicious activity reporting (SAR).

Among the speakers were the Insurance Commissioner of California, Ricardo Lara; the Insurance Superintendent of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Campos; the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico, Alexander S. Adams; and the Commissioner of Financial Institutions, Natalia Zequeira.

The professional experience and knowledge in banking regulations, audits, risk assessment, compliance, technology and business development made this event especially relevant for the attendees.

Our CEO, Dimas Palmar Hurtado, stated that the banking industry is constantly evolving and, therefore, it is vital to have constant updates on regulatory and compliance issues.

José Gómez, Areti’s Chief Compliance Officer, said that the “Financial Services Forum” provides an excellent opportunity for all owners and managers of banking and insurance companies to learn about the changes, perspectives and scenarios in which the financial system must operate in terms of compliance.

The Puerto Rico Financial Services Forum provided a comprehensive overview of the new requirements and updates from regulatory entities. Areti Bank is one hundred percent committed to comply with state and federal laws.

Puerto Rico Financial Services Forum 2023: The most comprehensive conference on banking and insurance (on an international scale). It was held at the Sheraton Hotel & Casino in San Juan’s convention district. It was organized by the Puerto Rico International Bankers Association (PRIBA).

Orlando Figueroa (CFO de Ironshield) /Gustavo Núñez L. (Financial Crimes & Sanctions Officer de Areti Bank)/ José Gómez (Chief Compliance Officer de Areti Bank)

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