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There are two ways in which you can apply for an account opening:


No, we do not have restrictions regarding the amounts you expect to receive.

In order to receive funds, you must submit the following instructions:

For this, you must formally make the request to the mail or  through our online banking, indicating the reason and current information you want to add.

To open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) you must have an account at Areti Bank to later request it. One of our executives of Customer Experience will guide you through the process. You can make this request by

You can find the information at:
Fees, Rates & Charges

To make transfers, use the following link Wire Transfer Form.
Once the form is filled out, you must send it to for processing.

The Certificate of Deposit will expire automatically on the date indicated on the application. If you wish to renew it, before the expiration date we will be contacting you to verify: whether you wish to renew or cancel the Certificate of Deposit. Once your response is received, we will proceed accordingly.

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