It’s a matter of attitude

The world is transitioning to a sustainable way of life. What happens in the meantime? Do we stop consuming everything in order to be 100% green?

The truth is that, unless we live in some lost tribe in the Amazon, there is no way we don’t end up generating some carbon footprint with what we consume. Even when we live in a village where you can only get there by boat, that boat has a fuel engine, derived from petroleum (with all that implies).

What can we do? Accept that the world is in transition and try to consume as consciously as possible.

It is important to ask ourselves: Where do we invest our money? Is it really necessary to travel in several cars, or can we share the trip? Maybe shopping at that greengrocer’s that is a bit more expensive, but whose products are organic… is a good option.

Even today there are oil companies that seek to reduce the damage to the environment, achieving a lower impact by means of specialized software designed in collaboration with environmental scientists and experts on the subject. Did you know about them? Of course, it is easy to think that it would be better to eradicate the activity, but that would imply denying that our clothes, our food and the energy we use is the result of such extraction.

The solution is to be consistent, measured, conscious. Accept that we are in transition and that, in this journey, every action counts.

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