Live the digital experience with
the new Areti Online!

As of April 2023, you will be able to connect to a much more agile and interactive Online Banking, so that you can carry out your banking operations.

What you should know about Areti Online

All individual and corporate customers using the new electronic banking system must change their password on their first access to the new system.

If you have any questions about Online Banking, please contact us at: 

1. If you are already registered

As an Online Banking user, your Log In ID will be the same.

2. Is your first login?

You can use your current Log In ID in lowercase or uppercase.

3. To create a new password

You will receive an e-mail with a link to assign a new password.


Service agreement and security data authentication: When you log in (after the system upgrade), you will be asked to accept the service agreement and register the new security questions. Your security data will not be kept because they are highly confidential. So we recommend that you write them down and keep them under your safekeeping.

About your Transactions

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Access to Statement History

You will have access to 90 days of transaction history, cumulative up to 12 months.
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Loan Numbers and Payment Dates

Loan numbers and payment dates will remain the same. You may continue to use your current loan payment statements when making payments.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

You can send us a message and our team will respond to your query as soon as possible.