Let’s grow values through knowledge

Let’s grow values through knowledge

To promote the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Organization (UN) offers a space to share -through reading- a peaceful and secure space. The idea is for our children to acquire knowledge and values about how to take care of the planet and live together in society.

The purpose of the club is to use the books as a tool to encourage children -aged 6 to 12 – to interact with the SDGs proposed by the United Nations. The site is available in arabic, chinese, english, russian and spanish.

Taking the initiative to educate children in every community and bringing them closer to the positive impact that the SDGs can have in all regions of the world, is certainly something that can leave a positive mark on their lives.

Recommended readings:


Actions proposed to promote the SDGs

In addition to reading the books, a series of actions have been proposed for highlighting the importance of understanding the SDGs. Suggestions range from organizing discussions about the readings done, to recommending the books through social networks, using the #SDGBookClub.

We break down the actions here below:

1.- Help your children create a poster with a photo or drawing and interesting facts about their favorite character(s) from the book.

2.- Design a treasure hunt about the reading, using pictures and images instead of questions, and help them look for the things mentioned in the book.

3.- Help your children write a letter to the local government representative and tell them what you learned in the book and ask them what action(s) they are taking to achieve a specific goal.

4.- Organize a book discussion (facilitated by parents and children) for younger children. Invite your child’s friends and parents to discuss a book on the reading list at your local library or children’s bookstore.

Hashtag recommended by the SDG Book Club: #SDGBookClub

To communicate any ideas or comments, please write to: publishing@un.org

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