Sustainability and innovation in the business world

Creativity and innovation are crucial to uplifting business organizations and environments in the contemporary business world.  Both elements allow for addressing customer demands and lifestyles while creating greater opportunities in each market sector.

A clear example of creativity and innovation in eco-industrial development is the Kalundborg Symbiosis.

Considered the first model of symbiosis of energy resources between 12 public and private companies (in Denmark), where energy resources are exchanged and the circular economy is implemented, in favor of environmental conservation.

In this way, the concept of industrial symbiosis provides important advantages with the exchange of resources and materials in production, as one company’s waste becomes another company’s raw materials.

More about Kalundborg Symbiosis

The Kalundborg Symbiosis is a network of economic actors that has come together to implement the principles of industrial ecology. It follows the principle in which the main waste stream from one company becomes the resources for another. Through this innovation, companies within the Kalundborg Symbiosis can share and reuse resources while saving money and minimizing waste. 

In addition, and most importantly, this innovation helps significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saves millions of cubic meters of water, and saves thousands of tonnes of materials. This means that it remarkably helps the environment while also having economic benefits.

The future

Given the possibility that natural resources may become scarce as a result of the indiscriminate use we have made of them, it is vital that all companies can begin to implement production models that are more respectful of nature and thus generate a more balanced coexistence.

While it is true that not all organizations are currently sustainable, it is unquestionable that they will take the step to become so in the very near future.

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