The benefits of digital banking

Banks are evolving

In order to meet the needs of generation Z and their concern for sustainability. Volatility and uncertainty have led to an intense path of digital transformation and technological innovation in banking business models.

Digital onboarding allows new customers to register, open new accounts or manage new products linked to their current accounts, without having to go to a branch, thus avoiding the high consumption of paper involved in this type of process, among many other benefits. In “Areti Bank” we are on our way to a green and sustainable economy, that is why we are working to offer solutions to our customers, especially to organizations and companies that are looking to facilitate certain processes in their operations. I am aware of the benefits that digital banking offers us; and from our side, we can add:

  • Digital banking services available 24/7: you can make transactions from anywhere, just from your Internet connection.
  • Immediate blocking of debit cards, if necessary: in case of loss or theft.
  • Online shopping, without the need to use cash, and being able to access products in any virtual store in the world.

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